Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Desperate Housewives came again...:-)

Entah kenapa la aku suka sangat layan citer, tapi yang pasti citer ni memang dah menambat hati aku. Mungkin sebab aku ni juga tergolong dalam 'housewife' hehehe...but not in desperate ok...:-)

Citer ni bagi aku sangat menghiburkan. Bukan apa just for enjoying :-)...Tapi kalau ikutkan itu la hakikat nya. Kehidupan wanita yang penuh dengan warna warni. Ada kala kita susah ada kala kita dalam mood yang gembira. Ini semua adalah lumrah alam yang mesti kita lalui dalam sehari-harian.

Ini ada serba sedikit story lines dari "Desperate Housewives" untuk musim ke - 7:-

Susan Delfino

Susan and Mike are facing financial troubles, which has forced them to leave Wisteria Lane and move-in to a small apartment. Mike asks Lee to rent the house on Wisteria Lane to whoever offers the most money. This ends up being Paul Young, who has just been released from prison and moves into the house, along with his new wife Beth. Susan and Mike are upset that Paul is now living in their house, but he has signed a one year lease, so there isn't anything they can do. In the season premiere, Susan receives an offer from her new landlady Maxine to appear on Maxine's erotic web site doing housework while wearing lingerie. Despite initially refusing the offer, Susan accepts it after Mike considers taking a job on an oil rig in Alaska. Susan does her best to hide this secret from her family and friends. However, her secret is soon discovered by Paul, who is now blackmailing her into letting him buy the house, an offer Mike has previously refused. When Mike learns of Susan's secret, he decides to accept the offer of working a couple of months in Alaska so they can return to their house in Wisteria Lane as soon as possible.

Lynette Scavo

Lynette has just had her newest baby, Paige Scavo. Lynette's old college frenemy, Renee Perry, wife of New York Yankees player Doug Perry, comes to visit her. While Lynette decides to ignore Tom's postpartum depression, Renee listens to him, which Lynette thanks her for, but tells her to back-off. She's also stunned after Tom's doctor prescribes marijuana as a cure for his depression. Lynette realizes that her daughter Penny is helping her a lot with the baby, and decides she needs a nanny. Tom enlists the help of his mother, who has very different views on family values than Lynette, which causes conflict. In addition, Tom's mother seems to be losing her memory. When Tom's mother, Allison, clashes with Lynette, he decides that the best thing to do for her is to send her to a nursing home. She hires Susan, who's having financial woes, to be her newborn baby's nanny.

Bree Van de Kamp

Bree is having a hard time. She tells Gaby the truth about the car accident that killed Carlos's mother eleven years ago. She's also just getting divorced from Orson, and having to adjust to being a single woman in her mid-fifties. She begins to feel attracted to her handyman, Keith Watson, and initially competes for his attention with Renee Perry. Keith and Bree begin dating, and Bree has to deal with other issues pertaining to the their age difference, as Keith is in his thirties.

Gabrielle Solis

The season premiere reveals that Gaby's baby had been switched at birth, meaning that Juanita isn't really her daughter. While she's torn between looking out for her biological daughter and keeping Juanita, she's also keeping from Carlos that it was Andrew Van De Kamp who was driving the car that killed his mother eleven years ago. After asking Bob, her lawyer, to contact the family of her biological daughter, Carlos warns her that if things end badly, he will leave her forever. After meeting their daughter, Grace, Gaby and Carlos are finding that they are falling in love with her. However, Juanita is getting suspicious of all the attention Grace is receiving, and her legal parents are revealed to be illegal immigrants. After Hector, Grace's legal father, was deported, her legal mother, Carmen, must go into hiding.

Renee Perry

Renee is Lynette's college friend and they have a frenemy relationship. After she announces to Lynette that she's moving right across the street, Tom tells her to not to tell Lynette about something that had happened between them whilst he and Lynette had broken up. She's also divorcing her husband, Doug Perry, after he dumped her for his agent's secretary. She competes for the attention of Keith with Bree, but eventually steps aside and the two become friends. Renee also clashes with Gaby, but they, too, become friends. She asks Lynette's help so they can start a business together, and Lynette accepts the offer.


So kawan2, jom kalau berminat dengan siri drama ini, jangan lupa janji temu anda pada setiap hari Selasa di 8TV jam 10.30 malam ...:-)

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